19 Oct 2021

Portrait and Landscape features Fabrice Guillot and Scheherazade Zambrano Orozco on October 20th

Portrait and Landscape is a series of online bi-monthly events, conceived  by Wanda Moretti in collaboration with Kate Lawrence and Lindsey Butcher. Over the course of 2021, some of the worlds leading vertical dance choreographers will propose a series of 'gifts' for our vertical dance community, comprised of a varied set of interventions: presentations, videos, practical lessons.  They will also introduce a next generation vertical dance artist to present  their work at each meeting.

online Season -  October 20, 2021

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A new space desire for a new apparatus
with Fabrice Guillot
Duration: 30 minutes

I would like to share my process of the last 4 years of thinking about this new apparatus. With my partner the architect Stephane Lemoine, we imagined this object with engineers and builders. We have many drawings, maps, movement projects and, reflections leading up to the birth of this object. The verticality is completely different in this project, the movement of the dancer in the apparatus creates a journey in horizontal and vertical directions.

Choreographing in void: a time-space suspending experience
with Scheherazade Zambrano Orozco.
Duration: 15 minutes
I propose to share my interest in the performance exploration of the body in suspension, through my solo K( )SA. K( )SA is a choreographic approach to the question: what do we hold on to? Through the body in suspension, I explore the sensation of being hanging off the ground and the ways of experiencing time-space. Using suspension as a choreographic strategy allowed me to work on the void and to search on the state of the body that this emptiness demands. The dialogue with the rope I use for suspension allows an exploration of temporal and spatial dimension performance that give a different gravity to the choreographic writing.

Date and time

Wed, October 20, 2021

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM CEST


Online event

Bookings now open via Eventbrite here

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