23 Oct 2021

Flyaway Productions


Thank you for your support of Flyaway Productions!
Flyaway Thanks You!
As Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercy comes to a close, we are left with so much gratitude to our audiences for coming out onto the street, looking up, and investing with us as we work toward prison abolition.

This project was an interdependent dance between dancers, composers, a writer who works from his cell in San Quentin, set designers, master riggers, technical and production managers, street ambassadors, and a deeply skilled crew.

It was also the result of more than 2 years of coalition building with MOaD, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, and Prison Renaissance.

With humility, we celebrate all of you who chose to work on this project, and all of you who chose to be its witness.

Thank You Endlessly,
Jo Kreiter
Artistic Director
Photo Credits: Brechin Flournoy of Clarissa Dyas, Maddy Lawder, Sandia Sexton, Megan Lowe, & Helen Wicks
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