14 Sept 2021

Flyaway Productions

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Flyaway Productions presents
Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercy
Premieres in One Month!

It's the second work in The Decarceration Trilogy: Dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex Once Dance at a Time.

Below are some musings on the title of the show, by project collaborators Jo Kreiter and Rahsaan Thomas:
“Don't hold the iniquities of our forefathers against us. Let your tender mercies speedily meet us, for we are in desperate need.”
- World English Bible - PSALM 79:8
“Mass incarceration is rooted in white supremacy. So, the U.S. is all of us. Jewish and Black. Incarcerated and free. Most of us are guilty of our crimes and want mercy from the sentence. Even though factors much bigger than choice landed us in prison, there is no excuse for harming others. So, we need Mercy, which should be granted, due to the totality of circumstances.”
- Rahsaan Thomas
“I don't love the word mercy. It’s like charity. Its apolitical and exists outside an analysis of American power, racial inequity, and political economy. But I love the word Meet. Meet us. Like meet us halfway. Be there but don't dominate. But don't shrink away either. This is a calling in to my Jewish community.”
- Jo Kreiter
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October 14-17, 2021
Thurs. through Sat. 7PM & 8:30PM (2 shows a night)
+ Sat. 5PM matinee
Sun. 7PM only

80 Turk Street, San Francisco, California

Photo Credits: 1) Suzanne Kreiter of Jo Kreiter; 2) RJ Muna of Laura Elaine Ellis; 3) Eddie Herena of Rashaan Thomas
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