27 Aug 2021

Portrait and Landscape - Special Online Rigging Event

Portrait and Landscape is a series of online bi-monthly events, conceived  by Wanda Moretti in collaboration with Kate Lawrence and Lindsey Butcher. Over the course of 2021, some of the worlds leading vertical dance choreographers will propose a series of 'gifts' for our vertical dance community, comprised of a varied set of interventions: presentations, videos, practical lessons.  They will also introduce a next generation vertical dance artist to present  their work at each meeting.

online Season 3 
1st September 2021
Bookings now open via Eventbrite here

Whilst we have been revelling in the diversity of practice demonstrated amongst the Portrait and Landscape artists featured thus far, it’s also been clear that some very important folks who contribute hugely to the creative process have barely been mentioned!So this P&L Summer special bumper edition will bring you not, 1, not 2 but 4 International riggers; Keely Sills, (Canada), Carlo Porrone, (Italy), Simon Edwards, (Wales), Soren Nielsen (UK).To give an insight into their personal practice, each rigger will give a brief presentation referencing a particular vertical dance rigging job. Maybe it was the most enjoyable, the most ambitious, challenging or stimulating; the one with the best views (?), the one where they learnt the most - maybe it wasn’t at all enjoyable at the time but only retrospectively?! 
We’ll then open the floor to them, to ask questions of each other before moving on to Q&A’s with all of you our inquisitive and knowledgeable audience.

Date and time

Wed, September 1, 2021

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM CEST


Online event

Bookings now open via Eventbrite here


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