31 Aug 2021

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The Tofino Tree Festival performances of Habitats & Camouflage will be created on location  September 13-17, 2021 

Habitats & Camouflage Photo by Artist Sarah Fuller 

Rigging design diagram by Aeriosa Safety Director Colin Zachararis
Drum roll please.... after many delays due to a world health crisis, we are excited to announce that we will finally perform our long awaited Tofino Tree Festival nature-based performances of Habitats & Camouflage.

Aeriosa and Sarah E. Fuller have been collaborating to create a hybrid form of performance and art installation in their new work, Habitats & Camouflage. This piece is an exploration of the camouflaging quality of moths in the landscape. Large hooded capes with photo-transcribed images of moth markings will be worn by dancers who blend and disappear into the tree canopy and surrounding environment. Some species of moth caterpillars dig holes in the ground where they lie until appearing as full-grown adults. These predominantly nocturnal insects provide a natural magic show, disappearing and reappearing with layers of concealment and disguise.

We are excited to announce that sound artist Keri Latimer from Winnipeg will join us to play the Theremin live for Habitats & Camouflage. Keri’s website is: https://kerilatimer.com 

She also has a band called Leaf Rapids. https://leafrapids.org

The work will be created on location and performance days and times will be determined based on tides, weather, and current COVID restrictions. There will be vignette-style episodes of cloaked dancers in trees, in a web, and on the beach.

The performances will adhere to all BC Provincial Health Orders. Limited reservations will be available, and audience stewards will ensure appropriate social distancing, mask requirements, and other COVID safety measures.

Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming performance in mid-September! If you would like to get on the waitlist to reserve your free ticket for our live performance, follow this link

Current/Dance Community
Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House

Scotiabank Dance Centre celebrates its 20th anniversary this season! Join The Dance Centre for a special edition of their popular annual Open House, with events, classes, and showings featuring Aeriosa, Company 605, and other guest artists.

Free admission performances of Aeriosa’s Home/Domicile will be presented on the exterior of The Dance Centre building  on October 2nd. Stay tuned, show times will be announced shortly.
For more information, please visit dancecentre.ca
Aeriosa Merchandise
If you have tried to purchase a t-shirt or other merchandise recently, please accept our sincere apology as we have had some technical difficulties and are working to resolve them. Please continue being patient with us as we work to make our merchandise available to you.
Aeriosa is often inspired by nature. When dancing outdoors, we regularly encounter other species. This next column is dedicated to learning about our friends in flight.
Featured Feathered Friends
The Hawaiian Hawk, or ‘Io’, is the only hawk native to Hawaii and has a very small range, confined only to four islands of Hawaii and breeding only on the island of Hawaii itself. 

Two color morphs exist. The light morph is dark brown above, cream below with brown flecks on upper breast, and the dark morph is dark-brown overall with variably gray and brown tinge along underparts. The female is larger in size.

The population of the bird is estimated at between 1,600 to 2,700 birds, which is remaining steady despite a very limited range. 

The Hawaiian Hawk currently holds a status of Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List.

To listen to the sound of the Hawaiian Hawk call, watch this short clip
Whatbird.com lets you find your bird with just a few clicks
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