19 May 2021

Legs On the Wall




Our unique collaboration with Willoughby Symphony takes flight this weekend, with Todd Sutherland and Jana Castillo, directed by Joshua Thomson, the first aerialists ever to leap above the Willoughby Symphony into the beautiful and resonant Concert Hall at The Concourse, Chatswood. We're so excited to embrace our own Next Chapter to the epic score of Alice Chant's Holy Dreaming and Shostakovich's 9th Symphony!

Todd Sutherland with musicians from the Willoughby Symphony (image: Robert Catto)




Our next FREE training session in The Red Box will double as a "see ya later" for a member of the extended Legs family and the best way to keep training up as winter approaches: 




Sky Blue Mythic is a haunting, mesmerising solo dance work by one of Australia’s most daring choreographers and captivating performers, Angela Goh. This strikingly precise performance is charged with time warping and viscerally impactful musical compositions performed live by Corin Ileto.

Image: Zan Wimberely

Originally created as a short piece that won the 2020 Keir Choreographic Award, Sky Blue Mythic is now realised into a new, full length work. Tilting the axis of perspective even further, this new realisation of Sky Blue Mythic dives even deeper into the otherworldly terrain of dance as a presence unhinged from the body—where embodiment becomes a mode of interfacing with the unknown. Troubling the boundaries of what we know as dance and what we know as human, this bold new work calls for new ways to sense both. Sky Blue Mythic cuts open space to glimpse the unknown of the interstices, glitching between the uncannily familiar and the totally alien, and embracing that they might be one in the same.

Sky Blue Mythic runs 26-29 May at the Sydney Opera House as part of UnWrapped. 


Love, team Legs. 

Legs On The Wall acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we regularly work on -
the Wangal and the Gadigal peoples of the Eora Nation - and the traditional
custodians of the lands on which we live and tour.
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