19 Apr 2021

LIVE STREAM IN - CONNECT + ION - Adrián Castelló




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Adrián Castelló



A dance narrative about the connections that define our lives. This project looks at dance as a social 

reflection of our biochemical being. Emotions, instincts and the dancers' movements are represented in the air 

and act as if in atomic relationships: they are charged, multidimensional, changeable and react directly to each

 other. In the juxtaposition of nature and culture, a parallel can be drawn from the reaction of an ion in its 

connection to others and the movements of the dancers to each other. Contemporary dance and aerial theatre

 meet, dance is extended by one level and is thus able to create moving metaphors of tolerance, freedom and 

dependence in the air. 


Adrián Castelló was born in 1983 in Alicante (ES). After graduating with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in

 Biology, he obtained his Tïtulo Profesional de Danza Contemporánea at the State Conservatory of 

Dance in Valencia (ES) in 2009. Through instructors such as Anton Lachky (BE), David Zambrano (VE)

, Rakesh Sukesh (IN) and engagements in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany, he developed a rich 

repertoire of contemporary technique, floor work and dance theatre. Adrián also practices acrobatics 

on the scarf, trapeze and ring, which he learned while working with Zoppis Circus in Rome (IT). In his 

own works he created his individual dance style by combining contemporary dance and aerial 


He has been living in Germany since 2013 and is engaged here as a choreographer, choreographic 

assistant and dancer at the Cologne Opera, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf-Duisburg, the 

Dortmund Theatre, the Bonn Theatre and the Aachen Theatre. Adrián has been a member of the 

Cologne dance house TanzFaktur since 2014, where he regularly teaches contemporary dance.

Since 2015, Adrián has worked regularly with the international company La Fura dels Baus, directed 

by Carlus Padrissa, as a choreographic assistant and dancer, as well as freelancing with companies, 

photographers and other artists from various disciplines, including Tatraum Projekte Schmidt, Kristóf 

Szabó / FACE Visual Performing Arts, and Theater der Keller. As a choreographer, he has performed 

his own dance productions: "Dis cover" (2014), "Überräume" (2015), "Inability" (2016), "Irrmitation" 

(2017), "IMNE" (2018), "INTER.PHASE" (2019) and "INSTINKTIV" (2020).


Concept / Artistic direction / Choreography: Adrián Castelló

Chorus. Assistance: Malin Gebken, Karoline Strys

Dance: Lena Visser, Manuel Kisters, Simone Kieltyka, Geraldine Rosteius, Adrián Castelló

Dramaturgy: Caroline Schilling

Outside Eye: Julia Riera

Stage design / Costumes: Katrin Lehmacher

Video: Cornelius Schaper

Musical arrangements: Nadine Witt

Lighting: Jan Widmer

PR: Ellen Brombach

Project management: Winfried Hoffmann 

Supported by: NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Ministry of Culture and Science of the 

State of NRW, City of Cologne Cultural Office, RheinEnergie Kultur Stiftung.

Partners: Kölner Seil Kommando, TanzFaktur.

Supporters: Barnes Crossing, Hafen Akademie, ANGELS Aerials.