25 Feb 2021




Dancing Shoes and Fingers; Aeriosa's Newsletter Hand-off
Life has changed for many people in this last year and some of our Aeriosa dancers have also made shifts in their careers, lifestyles and locations.

One way you, our Newsletter Readers, are going to be affected by these changes is that you will be hearing from a new voice.

Our beloved Keely Sills is not hanging up her dance shoes but her writing fingers instead. In the past few years her world has shifted from traveling, sailing and exploring the Pacific to putting down roots in Powell River, BC. Keely has her hands full restarting her popular Aerial Circus Classes at Aerial Edge as well as running a very successful new business powellriverwindowcleaning.com with her husband Nate.  
Stepping into Keely's shoes is me, Chandra Krown. I've been dancing with Aeriosa since 2004. One shift for me is learning to dance and express my creativity through new digital methods and platforms. I'm excited to share this part of myself through this new position with Aeriosa. 

I hope to be able to deliver Aeriosa updates in an interesting and engaging way and I look forward to growing this digital connection with all of you! To learn more about me visit my website.

Because I'm based in Maui, Hawaii, I will focus some of our Featured Feathered Friends newletter articles on the native birds of Hawaii.

Current/Dance Community
Your chance to join a FREE Zoom Dance Class with Aeriosa!

Meghan teaches a weekly online company class for
Aeriosa Dance Company members via Zoom.
While searching for light in the darkness of our current pandemic reality, Aeriosa has found a glimmer! Our dance artists have been gathering together from around the world using technology to create and train together on Zoom. Considering we are (and have always been) spread out over great distances, this is a wonderful way for our dancers to connect, stay in shape and develop our creativity during the pandemic. 

We are considering expanding this part of our company activities in the future and we are researching ways to offer this experience to our global vertical dance community.

As part of our investigation into developing this new program, Aeriosa is offering you, our Newsletter Readers, a special invitation to join us for a 'behind-the-scenes' conditioning class experience with our dancers.

FREE Aeriosa Community Zoom Class
Monday March 1st from 7:30-9:00pm Pacific Standard Time

Dance & Core Conditioning with Aeriosa dancer Meghan Goodman
-- What to expect? --

This free Aeriosa class with Meghan provides an opportunity to mobilize and articulate the body, with a focus on strengthening the core as needed for vertical dance. The class offers a combination of contemporary dance exercises, yoga, and Pilates. Attendees are encouraged to work with proper alignment, intelligence and care. The exercises are geared towards those who are used to training in dance and athletics, but all are welcome and encouraged to do what they can safely, and modifications will be offered as needed. To register and get the Zoom link to your FREE CLASS, click here:
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Aeriosa is often inspired by nature. When dancing outdoors we regularly encounter other species. This next column is dedicated to learning about our friends in flight.
Featured Feathered Friend 
Kiwikiu Maui Parrotbill; Pseudonestor Xanthophrys
This article contains text excerpted from the American Bird Conservancy Website
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Map courtesy of “Birds of the World”  maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
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