16 Dec 2020

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“We are seeding the future, including our next system of justice, with every action we take.”
- Adrienne Maree Brown, We Will Not Cancel Us

Flyaway embraces prison abolition as a moral stance.  With your support, The Decarceration Trilogy will invite spectacle, dialogue, and invention as we continue to drive awareness about these important issues. Thank you for sustaining our work.
In Solidarity,
Jo Kreiter and Flyaway Productions
Check out this behind the scenes glimpse of Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercy.
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Credits: 1) Photo by Austin Forbord of Clarissa Dyas, during The Wait Room film, 2019; 2) Art from Tafka Clark Rockefeller's Make Skeletons Dance, for Museum of African Diaspora's Meet Us Quickly:
Painting for Justice from Prison
, 2020; 3) Filmed by Lindsay Gauthier and Edited by Megan Lowe of Bianca Cabrera, Clarissa Dyas, Laura Elaine Ellis, Maddy Lawder, Megan Lowe, Sandia Sexton, and Helen Wicks, during Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercy rehearsals, 2020
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