9 Jul 2020




Tune into a live Instagram chat between Argentinian Choreographer, Brenda Angiel and Aeriosa Artistic Director, Julia Taffe.
Friday July 10
@ Noon, Pacific Daylight Time

@ 4pm, Argentina Standard Time
Brenda has been hosting weekly Friday chats with vertical dance choreographers from around the globe. Scroll down on Brenda's bio page to listen to past talks.

Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company, creates choreographic compositions with harness and variations of static rope and bungee. Watch what Brenda has been creating in lockdown.


Zoom Dancing

Aeriosa artists continue online zoom dance sessions three times a week as a way to stay conditioned and connected. This includes core work, inversions, arm strength and standing dance exercises like plies, roll downs, footwork, torso mobility and choreography. Traveling sequences have proven much more difficult in the living room!

We are pleased to be working with Bandaloop artist and instructor, Suzanne Gallo, who will be guest teaching in July.
Aeriosa's work is often nature-centred. When dancing in the trees we regularly encounter other species. This column is dedicated to learning about our friends in flight.

Featured Feathered Friend

American Robin
These red-breasted birds are often sighted running and hopping on the lawn. They are ground foragers who satisfy themselves with a tasty diet of berries, insects and earthworms. In the spring and summer, they are the first to chirp, starting just before first light.
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