20 Apr 2020

Blue Lapis Light

Dear Blue Lapis Light Family,

For our next In-Home Screening, we are presenting Requiem, an aerial dance performance that took place in 2006 on the 80-foot, abandoned Intel Building in downtown Austin. Requiem came to me in a dream, and was inspired by the 2005 Tsunami, where over 300,000 souls lost their lives. I staged the work to be the place where these souls traveled to. The concrete empty floors without walls, looked like an Escher drawing and created a visual that was other dimensional. Requiem is the site work that continues to inspire the journey I have been on ever since, creating collaborative site works that have within their vision, a message and a connection to what is transpiring in our world. 

Our In-Home Screenings are our way of bringing a site work performance experience directly to you. Turn on the screen, breathe deeply and view the grace and athleticism of dancers flying against a night sky under a full moon. Please consider donating $25 or more in exchange for a link to view Requiem from the comfort of your home. 

Your donations support Blue Lapis Light.

In love and gratitude,

Sally Jacques
Photography by Earl McGehee