10 Dec 2019

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“How we are oppressed does not have to be the same in order to qualify as real.”
- Barbara Smith, Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Relationships between Black and Jewish Women, 1984

Please support Flyaway as we create MEET US QUICKLY WITH YOUR MERCY (October 2020) - a layered public art performance that links the caging of black bodies with a specifically Jewish dehumanization that flourished in the 20th century and is becoming bolder today.

In 2020, Flyaway is working to facilitate an opportunity for greater reconciliation between Black and Jewish communities in partnership with Museum for African Diaspora, Prison Renaissance, and Bend the Arc, an organization for Jewish action.

Your donation gives direct support to public art that tackles hard issues and gives voice to women living in the margins.  Thank you!
Flyaway is Hiring!
GIRLFLY Project Manager
The role of the project manager is to recruit teen girls ages 14-19 for Flyaway’s GIRLFLY Summer Artist as Activist Training Program. Recruiting will be done at San Francisco high schools, in classrooms and other community centers. Duties include outreach presentation, tracking applicants, multi-step interview organizing, and contract followup. The job is part time, project-based, and contracted: February through June 2020. The Fee is $4000 for approximately 25-30 hours per month.
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Photo Credits: 1) Fred Elmes | Dancers: Clarissa Dyas, Laura Elaine Ellis, Sonsherée Giles, & Megan Lowe; 2) Brechin Flournoy | Dancers: GIRLFLY 2018
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