3 Dec 2019

Blue Lapis Light

Dear friends and supporters of Blue Lapis Light,

This holiday season we would like to express our gratitude for your contributions to our vibrant Blue Lapis Light community. 

Our 2019 season included performances at The IBC Bank Downtown Austin, the Charlotte SHOUT Festival in North Carolina and two private performances at the Spring Condos and the Fairmont Hotel. Our session students and Youth Taking Flight students also showcased their work at the Boyd Vance Theatre.

The vision of our work is to create beauty through dance and uplift one another with our mission of pouring love and compassion into the world. 

Without contributions from you and our generous donors, our performances and instruction to under-served youth would not be possible. Even the smallest donation makes a significant difference in the performances we produce and the under-served youth that we instruct.

Please help us in achieving our $5000 year end goal by donating any amount today. Please also see the suggested amounts and descriptions below. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.

In love and gratitude,

Sally Jacques

will pay for a scholarship for a harness workshop or silks class

will provide a two class scholarship for an under-served student 


will pay for a dancer’s costume for our large production 
or a new silk for the Youth Taking Flight performance

Photography by Earl McGehee