10 Jul 2019

Vertical Dance Centre

  Vertical Dance Centre | Venice, IT

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After more than 20 years of work combining training, experimental courses and artistic creation, the time has come for advanced training workshop aimed at dancers and aerialist performers who over the years have worked and trained in the vertical dance sector and who are looking for a new challenges.
Our dancers training program have been created to expand and develop the themes and practices of vertical dance.

Vertical Dance Centre, Italy

 Summer Intensive 2019
National and International artist groups can apply for the residency at Vertical Dance Centre in Venice, for the production of vertical dance, performance or research project up to maximum 6 days.
Deadline for applications: 2019 October 15th.
To apply, please submit the following documents by the 15th October 2019:
1. Registration Form;
2. Project description;
3. CVs of the project participants;
4. Information and video on previous work.
Contact details:
Vertical Dance Centre
Via Lazzarini, 12
Marghera, VE, Italy

from 22 to 27 JULY
h 9.30 - 18.30
Advanced Level
Body conditioning and technique.
A program designed for those who want to prepare for the show and to strengthen their technique.
Schedule: advanced technique, VST - Vertical Suspension Training method by Wanda Moretti, practice on different lengths of rope in
three outdoor practices. 
Partnering, voltige/aerial harnesses, writing VD, creative lab. Case studies and vertical dance pioneers around the globe. Two evening open wall: you can share what you create,
individual and group.
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from 29 JULY to 3 AUGUST
h 9.30am to 18.30
Advanced Level
The first module dedicated to teaching starts this year.
A program designed those who want to teach Vertical Dance.
Schedule: teaching technique, choreography, coaching, learning materials, lessons plan, weight, vertigo, sight, setup & rigging. VST - Vertical Suspension Training method by Wanda Moretti.
Vertical dance origin and history: videos, photos, lectures, choreographic sketches and notes.
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Call for dancers
If you would like to receive a preview of our training communications and  dancer selection calls, join the
facebook vertical dance group or send an email to
with short cv and video links of your recent work.

The Routes of Vertical dance
The Routes of Vertical Dance. Origin and History, First generation 1960-2018.
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Artistic director
Wanda Moretti
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 "In all the equipment pieces, the choreographic decisions, time, place, order of movements, kinds of movements, the nature of the sounds are strictly governed by the choice of the equipment. The movement and language are generated in terms of the most economical use of the equipment. It is hard to imagine anyone choosing or inventing those particular movements or that language outside of the chosen equipment situation"   Trisha Brown, 1972 


Il Posto Company
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Vertical Dance Centre
   Via Lazzarini 12
30175 Marghera Ve - IT