4 Jun 2019

Aeriosa Dance Society

Vancouver International Vertical Dance Summit (VIVDS)
June 9-15, 2019

Only 7 days away!!

Seven Day Event Celebrating Aerial Dance

Welcoming Dancers and Choreographers from Around the World to Vancouver
Aeriosa  will be hosting artistic performers from around the world to take part in choreographic labs, workshops, summit events and performances to celebrate the world and art form of Vertical Dance. Workshops and events will be held at VanDusen Botanical Gardens and Simon Fraser University Woodwards.

Workshop presentations  will take place each evening on the outside of the iconic Guinness Tower in Downtown Vancouver. Members of the public will have the opportunity to view choreographers and dancers develop a new vertical dance performance as well as attend lunchtime talks and film screenings discussing the different elements and philosophies of Vertical Dance.

We invite YOU to be part of this exciting event that will shape and influence the future trajectory of Vertical Dance

Check the schedule below for daily open rehearsals and public lunch time artist talks!

Spotlight on the Choreographers

Lindsey Butcher ~ UK
Poetic, full-bodied aerial theatre productions are Lindsey’s signature work. Her recent interest and focus has been working with deaf and disabled performers and introducing them into the aerial world. She encourages performers to dig deep and ask questions about their own practice, art form and creative voice
Amelia Rudolph ~ USA
Amelia’s company has performed in over 22 countries. The company, founded in 1991, has an extensive movement vocabulary and works frequently with formations. Amelia brings punchy acrobatic movement and formation training to this Summit.
Kate Lawrence ~ Wales
http://www.verticaldancekatelawrence.com​ Kate is a dancer as well as a professor at Bangor University in Wales. In 2010 she published the first scholarly article on Vertical Dance. She brings teaching methodology, technique and experience to participants. Kate’s partner, Simon, an accomplished rock climber, mountaineer and rigger will support the VIVDS rigging team.
Marija Šćekić ~ Croatia
Marija pairs her classical dance training with her interests in planetary geology, electro acoustics, filmmaking and physical theatre. She has studied choreographic approach and methods in Canada, Europe and the US. She will apply her somatic new movement approach to vertical dance with participants.
Fabrice Guillot ~ France
Fabrice is a renowned rock climber and route-setter from France. He creates aerial suspension apparatus and often incorporates unique props into his work. His company, Retouramont, recently celebrated their 30th anniversary. Fabrice will be leading a workshop linking ground-based performance to the air and using bodies to explore a sensorial architectural experience.
Chantal McCormick ~ Ireland
Chantal’s work is a blend of circus and vertical dance - a mix of fantastical, theatrical and proverbial. She helps participants explore narrative within their work and find the costumes, lighting, and apparatus to support those artistic visions.

Julia Taffe

Artistic Director of Aeriosa
Julia Taffe’s choreographic visions paired with safety director, Colin Zacharias’ skillful rigging designs, enable Aeriosa to perform in wonderous and unconventional locations all over the world. Her passion is to connect the audience not only to the performance but to the beauty of the land. Her heart’s desire is to give honour to the culture and significance of each setting. Julia was awarded The Isadora Award for Excellence in Choreography in 2018. Julia is pleased to introduce the VIVDS participants to the reverence she has for tree dancing.



4-4:30pm​ Aeriosa Tower Dance Demo @ Guinness Tower
Media and Public Welcome

4:30-6pm​ Participant Accreditation @ SFU Woodward's
Media Interviews can be arranged with choreographers during this time
6-7:00pm​ Opening Reception for Participants & Invited Guests @​ SFU Woodward's
Speeches by producers, community hosts and partners.
Performance by Butterflies in Spirit
Media welcome to meet dancers and choreographers


12-1:30pm ​Wanda Moretti Vertical Suspension Training Video Class with Kate Lawrence @ SFU Woodward's World Arts Centre & Atrium
Two extra ropes will be hung for media who would like to try!
1:30-4:00pm​ Advanced Skills Review @ SFU Woodward's Building and Atrium
6:30-9:30pm​Choreography Creation​ - ​Guinness Tower
Media and Public Welcome


10-1pm ​Dance Labs @ SFU exterior + atrium
Media and Public Welcome
1:30-2:30pm Lunchtime Artist Talk & Films: Kate Lawrence "Vertical Dance Pathways" & Chantal McCormick & Lindsey Butcher: "European Aerial Dance Training Festivals"
@ SFU Woodward's World Arts Centre

Media and Public Welcome

10-4pm​ ​Dance in Trees​ ​@ VanDusen
Media and Public Welcome
6:30-9:30pm ​Choreography Creation - Guinness Tower
Media and Public Welcome


10-1:00pm ​Dance in Trees @ VanDusen
Media and Public Welcome

10-3:30pm​ Dance Labs @ SFU Woodward's
Media and Public Welcome

1:30-2:30pm​ Lunchtime Artist Talk & Films: Amelia Rudolph & Julia Taffe: "Bandaloop & Aeriosa: BFF Artistic Directors Catch Up" @ SFU Woodward's World Arts Centre
Media and Public Welcome
6:30-9:30pm​ Choreography Creation - Guinness Tower
Media and Public Welcome




10-1pm ​Dance Labs @ SFU exterior + atrium
Media and Public Welcome
1:30-2:30pm Lunchtime Artist Talks & Films: Fabrice Guillot & Marija Scekic: "When Dancers Climb & Climbers Dance" @ SFU Woodward's World Arts Centre
Media and Public Welcome

10-4pm​ ​Dance in Trees​ ​@ VanDusen
Media and Public Welcome
6:30-9:30pm ​Choreography Creation - Guinness Tower
Media and Public Welcome


10-1pm ​Dance in Trees @ VanDusen
Media and Public Welcome

10-1pm​ Dance Labs @ SFU Woodwards
Media and Public Welcome

1:30-2:30pm Lunchtime ​Artist Talk: "Bodies of Vertical Dance": Video analysis with "The Circus Doctor" Emily Scherb DPT, Author of "Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts" @ SFU Woodward's World Arts Centre
Media and Public Welcome
4-6:00pm​ *Special Event* Panel Discussion moderated by Georgia Straight Dance Writer Janet Smith, hosted by HCMA Architecture + Design. ​"What if" ​collaboration scenarios between vertical dancers and architects designing healthier, creative more engaged communities.  

Click on the link to reserve a free ticket
6:30-9:30pm​ Choreography Creation​ - ​Guinness Tower
Media and Public Welcome

7-8pm​ Soiree at Elephant & Castle ​(385 Burrard Street)
Media and Public Welcome


1-2pm​ ​Guinness Tower Workshop Performance and Fabrice Guillot Site Dance Demo
The week culminates in the ‘Gathering Flock’ Public Workshop Performance on a 100m skyscraper with shared-authorship by all 7 choreographers
Media and Public Welcome
2-4pm ​Choreographers Wall Jam
Media and Public Welcome

5-6pm Aeriosa 2019 Annual General Meeting at the Guinness Tower, outdoors in the Oxford Plaza.

6pm-8pm Closing Reception for Participants, Volunteers and current Aeriosa Dance Society members. Location TBA.


AGM June 15 @ 5pm
World Arts Centre at SFU Woodwards

Dear Membership we would be pleased to have your support attending Aeriosa's AGM on June 15th. 
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