9 Sept 2018

Blue Lapis Light

Opening night of Belonging, Part One is only 2 WEEKS AWAY! 
For this week’s inside scoop we are honored to feature our wonderful photographer, Earl McGehee, who has been capturing fantastic shots of Blue Lapis Light performances since our Halloween performance at the Texas State History Museum in 2010. At nearly every rehearsal, you'll find Earl in a new spot to capture all of the action at unique angles. Earl expressed that he enjoys photographing the grace and beauty of dance along with the challenges of shooting fast moving dancers in dramatic light. 

Follow our event page on Facebook to see a few of Earl's personal favorite photos and to keep up with the final pre-show announcements as we approach opening night! To save your spot under the stars for you and your loved ones, purchase your tickets below.

Stay tuned for next week’s inside scoop! 
Light and Love, 

Your aerial family at Blue Lapis Light
Photography by Earl McGehee