1 Mar 2018

European Aerial Dance Festival

9th annual European Aerial Dance Festival  2018 website is LIVE!

EADF 2018 Website is LIVE


You can find all the fabulous courses and classes of European Aerial Dance Festival 2018 on the EADF website - start planning your fortnight of flying now!

EADF is now in its ninth year and we are thrilled to welcome participants from around the globe at all levels of their practice. #EADFest 2018 will run again as a 2-week festival but you can also choose to come just for 1 week, the weekend or Saturday only pick n’ mix cornucopia of delights.

We’ll be offering a weekend long ‘Rigging Fundamentals’ workshop with rigging supremo Bryan Donaldson - truly a must for anyone wanting to take aerial seriously - and a pop-up physio clinic with additional aerial and cyr surgery workshops in week 2 with James Wellington from Perform Health.

We’ll be joined by the wonderful Sarah Poole, one of the lead aerial coaches from Ecole National du Cirque in Montreal – if you didn’t get to train with her last year make sure you book in early for this – a truly exceptional aerial coach. As always we have an incredible team of tutors lined up for you with 2 (yes 2) tutors to every technique class giving you even more bang for your bucks.

Bookings are open from Tuesday 14th March, so set an alarm and have your courses chosen ready!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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