20 Nov 2017

Blue Lapis Light


We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the 
only solution is love and that love comes with community. 
-Dorothy Day
January Student Showcase  

Blue Lapis Light Student Showcase has moved to January!  Join us 8pm, January 11-13, at the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center as students showcase their talent in an exciting and expressive, family-friendly theatrical production.  Studio classes, soloists and small groups present original aerial dances, featuring many levels, ages, music and themes.

Students performing are enrolled in regular classes at Blue Lapis Light. Showcase preparations include a week of evening Technical and Dress Rehearsals for all the performers.

Blue Lapis Light Student Showcase
1165 Angelina Street
January 11, 12, & 13
All performances at 8pm

For more information, enroll for classes or call Blue Lapis Light at (512) 280-6688

New Class Sessions begin November 27!      

Classes meet twice a week for Aerial Silks I, II, III, and IV.  The upcoming session runs through January 13, culminating in the student showcase at the Carver Museum.  Performing in the showcase is completely optional!

Blue Lapis Light teaches aerial silks as an expressive form of dance in the air.  We emphasize grace, awareness of the body and surroundings, growth through collaboration and connection, learning safe technique in a focused environment.

Morning and Evening Classes are available.  It's a powerful and creative way to workout!  We also schedule private classes for individuals, small groups and parties for special occasions. 

Visit our website for more information or call our office at (512) 280-6688

Youth Taking Flight
Youth Taking Flight classes have begun at Austin Children's Shelter.  Blue Lapis Light teaches youth in transition, ages 12-21. These are typically young adults who have been in foster care long-term and either never ended up in a lasting permanent placement (such as an adoptive home) or who had children of their own while in foster care. 

ACS Community Volunteer Coordinator writes, 
"YTF has been able to consistently engage our older youth, an unheard of accomplishment for any group prior.  Many times, these youth have low self-esteem and don't have as many opportunities to engage in positive activities due to their busy work and school schedules; Youth Taking Flight helps address both of these issues.  These youth commit to rehearsals twice each week.  They are part of a team so they are held accountable for their attendance.  All of their hard work culminates in a performance for an audience -- a new experience for many of them.  We hope to continue our relationship with Blue Lapis light as long as they will let us.  We have seen a significant change in our older youth who have been participating through their dedication to a positive commitment."

Youth Taking Flight Students are performing in the Blue Lapis Light Student Showcase January 11, 12, & 13.

To Donate to this program, visit bluelapislight.org

Happy Holidays!

It has been said that when a butterfly flaps its wings, 
it is heard all the way around the world.  
Every act of kindness and compassion lifts the heartbeat of all of us.

Much love and gratitude to all this holiday season!

Photos by Earl McGehee
Blue Lapis Light, P.O. Box 1821, Austin, TX 78767

 Artistic Director, Sally Jacques
Blue Lapis Light