28 Nov 2017


Sydney Debut | Photo: Basil Tsimoyianis
Oakland City Hall | Photo: Jorg Badura

Harness What's Possible: Public Art

Dear Friends,

With 2017 nearly behind us, we are marveling at what has been accomplished the past year. As a nonprofit dance company, the possibility of BANDALOOP is real thanks to the muscle and grace of our supporters.

Free public art creates a sense of community and is accessible to everyone. Spaces activated by public art - whether a forgotten wall in an inner city, or a university library - are altered culturally, socially, and economically.

We've brought our public art this year to more than 55 performances in cities and at schools, free of charge to attendees.

It is your support which empowers us to harness our mission as champions of public art. And as Americans, free public art is under growing peril. Budgets for organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts are being slashed and face an ongoing threat to their sustainability.

Submit your tax deductible donation now, share this email, and thank you as ever for joining the pioneers of vertical dance as we journey to the rooftops of the world.
**If you have already submitted your 2017 gift to us, thank you so much for your donation.
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