5 Oct 2017

Grounded Aerial Bungee Training

Grounded Aerial Bungee Training with Karen Fuhrman
Dec 12th, 13th, & 14th in Lyon, France

Aerial is your passion, and we want to help enable this passion to be a concrete, certified and mastered reality. This certification program will empower those who complete it to deliver professionally-founded artistic instruction from the innovative cutting edge of Aerial Art, backed by world renown Grounded Aerial.
In our certification program you will receive:
  • -a detailed manual
  • -harness safety
  • -history of aerial dance
  • -the connection of flight with the mind, body, and spirit
  • -specific class themes, choreography and repertoire
  • -bungee maintenance, safety, and rigging
  • -how to customize to your studios' dimensions and needs   and work with the manufacturer’s formula-
  • -how to apply aerial concepts to life and art, which is incredibly therapeutic and calming
  • -how to teach empowerment and individualized growth
  • -posture benefits, safety modifications and challenges
  • -how to correct with hands-on adjustments
  • -class structure and formatting the "business of aerial work"
  • -lesson plans for beginning, intermediate, and advanced work
  • -pedagogy of creative and fitness development that has been honed over the last 20 years
Requirements for certification
Take/Observe class(es), Teach/Assist 1 class, 1 video of you teaching a 1-hour class and passing a written exam. 16 hours usually consist of two 8-hour days, but can be broken up to more than two days, depending on needs.
16-Hour Certification Program Cost:
  • $549.00 per person training fee
Additional Information:
  • Payments via check or Paypal are accepted.
  • Detailed rigging, installation and bungee sales/information are available. Our provider is Paul, from Adrenaline Dreams. Guidance will be provided on what to specifically purchase. https://www.adrenalindreams.com
  • Additional choreographic assistance, structure, guidance and consultation can be provided on a monthly basis for a small fee, inquire for more details
  • Typically the entire rig per person (including harness) amounts to $560.00 per rig
  • For more information to enroll please call 917-447-6285, skype karenfuhrman, or email groundedaerial@gmail.com
Let’s fly!