26 Sept 2017


CALL 2017
HUB/LAB Vertical Dance focusing on investigation and creation

HUB/LAB is a functional space where choreographers and dancers can meet, learn and innovate
HUB/LAB provides an opportunity to work on vertical dance projects, divided into a distinct series of practical sessions run by a team of choreographers who are all members of the Vertical Dance Forum: Wanda Moretti - Il Posto (Italy), Fabrice Guillot - Retouramont  (France), Chantal McCormick - Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre (Ireland), Lindsey Butcher - Gravity & Levity (UK), Kate Lawrence - Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence (North Wales), Marija Scekic - Histeria Nova (Croatia), Julia Taffe - Aeriosa (Canada).

For the first time ever, Il Posto is introducing a new kind of HUB/LAB Vertical Dance in Venice.
Tailored to the needs of international choreographers, it will offer insight and the tools needed for artists/companies wishing to increase their knowledge and expertise for their vertical dance projects.
The project is aimed at companies or individual dancers and choreographers, and concerns both projects in their initial phase and those which are already underway.  This open call is aimed at artists, local or international groups who work in the field of vertical dance, the artists can participate via a public call and by sending an outline of their project via email to Il Posto.
You will receive 3 days of individual coaching from some of the most experienced vertical dance choreographers in Europe and Canada. In the HUB/LAB you will focus on your own vertical dance project guided by your mentor(s). There will be 8 hours per day of practice, discussion and sharing, facilitating access to knowledge, techniques, interdisciplinary skills, community, training and performance, use of materials and security protocols. In addition, you will be offered remote coaching from your VDF Vertical Dance Forum  mentor until the end of your production. All the projects will video recorded and documented in the web platform of the project. 
The closing conference is scheduled for November 3rd at 6,30pm, the talk is open to the public and will present the HUB/LAB process and the EUROPEAN VERTICAL DANCE CENTRES.
Where: Venice, Italy
When: October 31th - 2nd November 2017
Closing conference: November 3rd at 6,30pm
How to apply
Send: Registration Form + CV + presentation of the project you are working on
Costs for participants: 300 euro (h10am-5pm provisional timetable)
Contact details: danzaverticale@ilposto.org
For further information, please visit www.ilposto.org

2017 Wales, Italy / 2018 Ireland, Croatia, Canada / 2019 UK, France