26 Apr 2017


Kenneth Rainin Foundation

A Dancer's Daring Breakthrough
Breakthrough Moment with Jo Kreiter and Flyaway Productions
Jo Kreiter is a choreographer and social activist who pushes the boundaries of aerial dance.
In a single moment, the world can change—for a student and teacher, a researcher opening a new window into a mysterious disease, or an audience captivated by a dance performance.

These are Breakthrough Moments and we’re capturing them in a video series to highlight the groundbreaking work of Rainin Foundation grantees and the lives they change. Our newest video features artist Jo Kreiter pushing the boundaries of aerial dance.

With her company, Flyaway Productions, Jo addresses social justice issues through risk-taking performances on rooftops, building walls and fire escapes. Her hope is that by communicating a political statement through the spectacle and innovation of aerial dance, she will inspire people to create change.

We are sharing the extraordinary work of Jo Kreiter to celebrate Bay Area Dance Week, April 21-30. We honor artists like Jo who push the boundaries of creative expression.
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