29 Nov 2016

FLYAWAY Productions


Giving Tuesday


November 28th, 2016

Its Giving Tuesday and we want you to know about
Coming May 2017!

Music by: MADLINES and XOA
Photo Journalism by: Lynn Johnson
Design by: Karl Gillick
Concept and Choreography by: Jo Kreiter
Brought to Life by: Megan Lowe, Bianca Cabrera, MaryStarr Hope, Yayoi Kambara, and Sonsherée Giles
Supported by: UC Hastings and the Center for Work Life Law

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Flyaway Giving Tuesday
Watch this video and hear from Jo Kreiter about Flyaway!

“Generations of women have been told they are delusional, confused, manipulative, malicious, conspiratorial, congenitally dishonest, often all at once.” - Rebecca Solnit, “Cassandra Among the Creeps”, Harpers.org.

This article touched a nerve for Jo. It gave her a lens on women and credibility, inspiring her to create THE CREDIBILITY PROJECT.

THE CREDIBILITY PROJECT builds on Flyaway’s habit of making politically derived, community-responsive, site-specific dance in the Tenderloin. We will defy of gravity. We will subvert limitations, to delight in the body despite unjust constraints. We will claim public space as a proving ground for women to be taken seriously in the nation’s collective imagination. Coming May, 2017.

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