15 Jun 2016

Blue Lapis Light

Experience 'Radiance' at the Long Center, June 13-18

Join Blue Lapis Light this week on the Long Center Terrace for an unforgettable dance performance. See BLL's new choreography including bungee roller-skating, Spanish web and contemporary dance.  

Witness the "celestial harp" created by connecting the columns with multi-level steel cables, allowing dancers to move across and 'play' notes as the mic'ed cables capture the sounds of their feet.  

There is a presence, an energy that vibrates through all of life, a field of Light connecting us to stars, planets, this earth, animals, and to one another.
Performances at 9pm, June 13-17
 Saturday, June 18 at 8:30pm
Tickets range from $15-$45. 

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