28 Jun 2016

AERIAL SYMPOSIUM - Gravity & Levity

Aerial Symposium 

Dissecting Aerial (Pedagogy, anatomy and practice)

The Aerial Symposium, hosted by Gravity & Levity in association with The Point, is intended as a springboard for practitioners to come together to discuss aerial techniques, performance and pedagogy for the development of healthier aerial practice.

Speakers will include Dr Tina Carter PhD, Kate Lawrence, Serenity Forchion Smith, Gary Carter and Ziggy Slingsby. Some of the sessions will be practical (for those who wish to participate) and we will ensure plenty of time for discussion. The aim is to generate ideas, provide practical tools and fuel ‘food for thought’ towards developing models for best practice. It is particularly aimed at experienced aerial practitioners, teachers and directors.

You have been sent this notification because your voice and opinion within the aerial arts is an important one. The more committed industry professionals we can gather in this one space, the more interesting the conversations will be.
We sincerely hope you can join us. 

Saturday 13th August 2016

10am – 6pm

Part of the European Aerial Dance Festival 2016
Lunch, tea and coffee provided
Price: £75 company rate, £45 for individuals or if attending the Mon-Fri EADF intensive.
Book here
Venue: The Creation Space
The Point
Leigh Rd, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO5 09D

Photo by Mark Morreau

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