23 May 2016


July – Vertical Dance summer intensive
Irish Aerial Creation Centre 

WALL OF DANCE, the city in-out 

Led by Wanda Moretti/Il Posto Company Italy

“Blurring boundaries and limits, we shorten the distance between space and body”

Sun 10th – Thurs 14th July 10.00-18.00/12.00 -20.00
€150 for the week, only 14 places Book now
Suitable for skilled and advance  Vertical dancers and aerialists.
Riggers – Lee Clayden and Byran Donaldson from High performance Rigging 
Funded by LCC 2020 bid

The workshop
Aims to develop the vertical movement skills; the exploration of the expressive potential on vertical surfaces, interacting with the wall, interacting with the city, composing dance sequences with focus of structured phrasing, improvisation and principles regarding performance of vertical dance.
The performance focuses on the landscape, considered as a complex entity in continual transformation that is formed through the relationship between the environment and the community that inhabits it. 
The program provides specific workout on the vertical plane by Vertical Suspension Training® method developed by Wanda Moretti. Lessons include a theoretical presentation (video) on the origins of vertical dance, useful to the knowledge of styles and practices worldwide.

Sun 10th – IACC 10am – 6pm
Mon 11th – On building in city
Tues 12th – On building in city
Wed 13th  – IACC 12-8pm
Thurs 14th – IACC 12-8pm

You can pay the €50 deposit through paypal to the email address info@irishaerialcreationcentre.com
If you want to pay by bank transfer please email info@irishaerialcreationcentre.com for bank details.
You can also call Annette on 0894329060.
Weekend intensives Feb, April, May, July *, Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov – 1 weekend intensive each month for skilled and professional aerialists; facilitated by national/international teachers as the case requires and also by companies in residence.


More about Wanda Moretti

A choreographer and researcher, her dance studies focus on systems of proportion and the harmony of the space. She is the first dancer in Italy to have undertaken vertical dance in 1990, developing and spreading this practice before creating a specialist technique and creating performances in which space and movement merge in a single scene. In particular, her artistic project concerns the relationship with the architecture and the landscape, the dance insinuating itself in any vertical environment and conversing with it, adding a value that completes the actual place. Parallel to this is her research on how the structured space influences human movement. Her vertical dance performances have taken place at numerous festivals and various national and international events. In 1994 she and the musician Marco Castelli founded the Compagnia Il Posto www.ilposto.org in Venice.

Since 2000 Moretti has focussed her attention on site-specific creations for historical and museum sites. Ideal spaces for reflecting on the past and the future, for emotional explorations and experimentations, these spaces have acted as catalysers of the choreographer’s new artistic direction, in which the relationship with the place is of primary importance. Parallel to her choreographic work, she has also done personal research into the educational potential of dance in a social and extracurricular setting. She participated in the first Training Course for Dance Educators run by the Centro Mousik√® in Bologna together with the History of Dance sector of DAMS University of Bologna and Aterballetto.
In 2002 she won the third Museum Education Competition run by the Veneto Regional Government with her project Le arti visive attraverso il corpo e il movimento (visual arts through the body and movement). She carries out educational activities, training courses and workshops for museums and other entities, and for many years has run a research programme working with prisoners in Venice’s women’s prison, developing a dance education pilot project that is the only one of its kind in Italy, working alongside the Ministry of Justice, the Veneto Regional Government and DES – the National Dance Education Association. She is registered with the Albo Nazionale Danzeducatori® (National Dance Educators Institute). In 2007 and 2008 she was a lecturer at the Faculty of Design and Art at the University of Architecture in Venice. Since 2008 she has worked on the M.Ed. in Theatre through Art Education; in 2011 she worked on the M.A. in Pedagogic Actions and Interactions through Narration and Theatrical Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Universit√† Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in Milan. She was a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication and Art Education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino from 2010 to 2011. She occasionally works with the Faculty of Motor Sciences at the University of Padua.
In 2010 she created the International Vertical Dance Network, which unites the most important companies in the vertical dance world, a project presented on www.verticaldancecompany.blogspot.com In 2011 she created and developed Vertical Suspension Training®, a teaching method for wall dancers. Moretti continues with her research on vertical surfaces and architecture, and publishes texts and articles about vertical dance, art education and the possibilities of learning through the body in movement.

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