22 Jan 2016



Research and development showing at
The Point Eastleigh


DEPTHS OF MY MIND is an exciting new indoor show by Scarabeus Aerial Theatre, which has been in development since November 2015.

 Suspended on transparent platforms, climbing Chinese pole and hiding in cocoons; exploring what it means to be changing, feeling different, lonely and searching for somewhere to belong.

Researched in collaboration with scientists from the Wellcome Trust funded U-Change Studyhttp://www.nspn.org.uk/, DEPTHS OF MY MIND brings to life cutting edge discoveries in neuroscience and neuroimaging and the latest studies into the teenage brain.

 Following the acclaimed BE-LOVED; the production is the second in our three-year trilogy of work for all ages, created in consultation with young people aged 12-25.

From Monday 25th January, Scarabeus will spend a week at The Point in Eastleigh concluding the research and development of our first indoor show.

On Friday 29th January at 4pm we will be sharing the culmination of our research and development period in The Creation Space.

We invite you to join us, watch the sharing and add to the discussion of this exciting project.

 If you would like to attend the sharing, please RSVP to info@scarabeus.co.uk

Please see below links for further information about The Point, The Creation Space and how to get there:




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