27 Apr 2015


In Mystery Blue

 Come see how we fly at Zaccho!

We are thrilled to present our first student showcase In Mystery Blue
The Center for Dance and Aerial Arts along with the Zaccho Youth Company are taking the stage to present their original work to family, friends and fellow students.

Location: Zaccho Studio, 1777 Yosemite Ave (off of Third Street), Studio 330
Tickets: Available at the door. Suggested donation, sliding scale $5.00 to $15.00
Find more information online at http://zaccho.org/events.html 
For additional information please call 415-822-6744
Who am I? 
Dances that explore identity and belonging


 Photo: Andy Mogg

Wednesday May 13th & Thursday May, 14th
7pm @Zaccho 

Featuring 100 students over 2 nights, Wednesday May 13th and Thursday May 14th from:
YMCA's Afterschool at Dr. Charles Drew College Preparatory School
YMCA's Afterschool at Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary
Malcolm X Academy
Muhammad University
Zaccho Youth Company

Choreography by Joanna Haigood, Jo Kreiter and Shakiri

Wednesday, May 13th Program Features
Malcolm X Academy, Muhammad University and Zaccho Youth Company

Thursday, May 14th Program Features
YMCA's Afterschool at Dr. Charles Drew College Preparatory School, YMCA's Afterschool at Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary, Muhammad University And Zaccho Youth Company

For more information contact Zaccho Dance Theatre: 415 822 6744 www.zaccho.org

Joanna Haigood, Artistic Director
Lizzy Spicuzza, Youth Performing Arts Program Manager
Tickets:  $5.00 - $20.00 sliding scale (No one turned away for lack of funds)

 A.C.T.'s Strand Theater

In March, Joanna Haigood collaborated with Alexander Nichols on an exciting new dance video, commissioned by American Conservatory Theater (ACT) for the new Strand Theater on Market Street. 

The video shoot included a green screen and vintage A.C.T. costuming with brilliant performances by Zaccho Dance Theatre on the ground and in the air.  Keep an eye out for the grand opening of The Strand next month to spot Joanna Haigood and her cast on the silver screen!
Peaches Christ

 We were thrilled to host a rehearsal for the brilliant Peaches Christ and her cast at Zaccho Studio.

Peaches Christ is an American underground drag performer, emcee, filmmaker, and actor. Peaches currently resides in San Francisco where her Backlash Production Company and Midnight Mass movie series are based. Her Midnight Mass road-show and Short Film Retrospective have been on tour and appeared in Seattle, Berkeley, New York City, Brussels, Belgium and Lausanne, Switzerland.

Thank you for bringing your artistic process 
to Zaccho Studio!
 Illustration of Peaches by Leonardo Herrera 

RAWdance's Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein. Photo Credit, RJ Muna

We are pleased to announce 
RAWdance as Zaccho's spring Resident Company!

During their residency period, RAWdance Co-Artistic Directors, Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein in collaboration with Scenic Designer Sean Riley and Composer Joel St. Julien will create their newest site-specific work commissioned by the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival. This dance will draw inspiration not just from the architecture of the Gardens, but also from the layers beneath the feet of the dancers and audiences. The landscape brings up questions that are intensely personal and emotional as well as geographic. What happens when the ground beneath your feet is not what you think it is? Where does the surface end and the foundation begin? Do we follow the clearly constructed paths designed for us, or invent our own?

In their own words, "Our primary interest in Zaccho's residency program is to establish a home for the creation of a new work for the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival in July. Being able to create the work at Zaccho would have an unquestionably positive impact on the work; A consistent home for rehearsals, space to work with and store sets, and a studio large enough to create work on the scale of the performance site.We are also interested in connecting to a different community. Our hope is that working at Zaccho would offer more than just space, but also the opportunity to interact with other artists, and reach out to the surrounding audience through an open rehearsal."

Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein formed RAWdance in 2004 with the mission to reveal an
intimate core of our relationships and identities through collaboration and performance. The company makes visually striking, athletic works driven by human interactions, and presents them in unexpected public spaces as well as the theater. SF Weekly dubbed their work "edgy, sexy inventive fare designed to speak to audiences." Criticaldance hailed it as "experimental work done brilliantly." The SF Bay