19 Sept 2014


Vertical Dance Centre, a project becoming European!

A breath of encounters and creation - 2014/2015

Retouramont is pursuing its desire to meet and transmit through the Vertical Dance Centre. The company is already meeting with a group from the Catholic University of America - School of Architecture, and initiating the first meeting in Ireland with European and International vertical dance actors. A new network about to be created?

The company is also back on the road of creation withVoluminosity and meeting with inhabitants through various residency periods, as in Bagneux, Mantes-la-Jolie, Amiens, Chalon-sur-Saône...
Take a look at the planning and let's meet!



Verticality in so many ways!

You can learn, create or teach vertical dance. And you can do all this at the Vertical Dance Centre. In this place, verticality is crossing Pilates and Yoga as well as theatre, puppets and Chinese pole. Along with the training, the Centre welcomes artistic projects from other companies getting curious about verticality, and organises sessions for professionals to think about questions related to vertical dance in public space.
Programme of activities 

Drawing a new network

The first meeting Retouramont is initiating with its partners from UK, Ireland, Italy, Croatia and Canada, will be the occasion to look back at 30 years of vertical dance history but above all to look forward and think of the future of this art and the topics related to training and transmission. Welcome in Limerick, Ireland, the group is also invited to a public event at Limerick University, to share their knowledge and experiences with students from MA Festive Arts.  
© Géraud Pineau

Residencies connected with inhabitants

Retouramont partners, accompanying the creation 2015 Voluminosity, are very concerned with the connection between inhabitants and the company. The City of Bagneux is organising, since September 17, some social moments and workshops open to inhabitants. The Cultural and Multimedia Centre Le Chaplin in Mantes-la-Jolie will continue this mission in October 2014 with other workhops and encounters around the theme "creation in public space". An approach essential to Retouramont that is constantly wondering about "what does to inhabit means?" through its creations.
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From 15th to 24th September: CreationVoluminosity in residency at CSC Fontaine Gueffier, City of Bagneux. Open session23rd September 4pm

27th September:Gravitational WavesFête des VendangesCity of Bagneux (near Paris)

27th & 28th SeptemberUn léger penchant au vertige,Fêtes Romanes, Brussels, Belgium

4th October: Environnement Vertical, inauguration of Rosa Park school, Ivry-sur-Seine (near Paris)

4th October: Environnement Vertical, Nuit Blanche Paris, City Hall 13th district Paris

17th October: Clairière UrbaineLa Condition Publique, Roubaix

From 15th to 28th October:Creation Voluminosity in residency at Cultural and Multimedia Centre Le Chaplin, Mantes-la-Jolie

5th & 6th November: 1st meeting with European and International actors in vertical dance, Limerick, Ireland


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