20 May 2014


Staggering encounters!
India and China under the spell
of Retouramont aerial dance

DanSe DialogueS Festival, touring with French Institue, French Embassy and French Alliances in India - April 2014
The solo Cette Immense Intimité (Immense Intimacy) left deeply touched numerous Indians in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. The press also reacted very positively and expressed its enthusiasm for the show and Fabrice Guillot artistic direction in several newspapers.
A fascinating experience for Retouramont that took part in an exploration of art in Indian public space.
Some press extracts:

"The effect is surreal, moving and sometimes disturbing. Cette Immense Intimite [...] is one of the mostmodernistic and experimental dance performances to come to the city in a while."...
read more - The Hindu
"Despite the crowd having the option of not watching and resuming their shopping, most of those who caught a glimpse of the set-up and movements stayed back till the end. [...] The audience was clearly in awe of what they saw and praised the efforts of the entire team behind it." ...read more - Deccan Herald
"The event saw a packed crowd, with people trying to understand the act, which was novel and mystifying. There was pin-drop silence all through the performance, which narrated a story of longing, solitude, celebration and freedom."... read more - The New Indian Express

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Croisements Festival, touring with French Institutes and French Embassy in China - April-May 2014
The very big-scale festival Croisements, organised within "France-Chine 50" event, invited company Retouramont to make its artistic and atypical mark in Chinese public space.
Within a month-long tour, the dancers met with an enthiusiastic and curious audience in 4 different cities: Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu and Chongqing.
A noticeable presence that will soon lead to new projects: Retouramont is already invited to perform in the Forbidden City... the tour is going on in China!
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