23 Nov 2013

Lovely Bugs project


At 9am on Saturday 23rd November our Crowdfunder appeal goes live! Please help us kick start the next phase of Lovely Bugs and help even more people to get involved.
I'm sure you can all appreciate the challenges of fundraising so I'm really hoping that we'll reach our target and will be able to use the money as a hook for other funders.
There are lots of rewards for your donations and, as an extra incentive, if you give this weekend (9am Saturday untill 2pm Monday) and we manage to raise the biggest percentage of our target, everyBODY dance will also get a reward: a place on the front page of the Crowdfunder web site, which gives us an even bigger chance to meet our target.
So please remind yourselves of the wonderful Lovely Bugs project and the enjoyment it brought to the people involved. Look into your wallets/purses and pledge some money towards the Lovely Bugs project this weekend at Crowdfunder