19 Feb 2019

Histeria Nova

Equilibrium in Zagreb

Equilibrium in Zagreb
EQUILIBRIUM – new creation by Marija Scekic – Histeria Nova
24 / 02 / 2019 ( nedjelja )
KUC TRAVNO  (Božidara Magovca 17, Zagreb)
The program consists of: 
  • projection of documentary film “NEW FORMS – NEW TERRITORIES” (10 min) created through VERTICAL DANCE FORUM project initiated by Fabrice Guilllot (Cie Retouramont Company) and cofunded by European Union – Creative Europe programme. 
  • EQUILIBRIUM – is a vertical and somatic dance show by Marija Šćekić about the balance of two diferrent dynamic systems. The performance is combining vertical dance with contemporary dance sommatic body approach to highlight the psychology of human movement. 

  • The first system comprises three bodies tied to ropes that are “hanging in the void” of the stage. The ropes function as a sort of “umbilical cord” through which they breathe air and collect information about the world around them and by means of which they communicate. The other system comprises only one body, partially attached to a bundle of nylon threads . Although rather similar at first glance, these two systems are nothing alike whatsoever. Their mutual interaction provokes certain reactions that cause breaking of their connections, tearing of the cords (ropes), dividing of the nylon threasd and a dynamic collapse, which all results in throwing the bodies off balance. Despite this “vulnerability”, all the bodies are brought back into balance, some of them sooner… some a little bit later. 
  • Instead of writing choreography, Marija has created a movement notation called Sinetography© (2004) that is dealing with structure of all dynamics of movements on stage (light, sound and dancer’s bodies). 
Sinetography© : Marija Šćekić
(choreography of light, sound and human movement) 
Dancers: Ivana Kragić, Nikolina Komljenović, Kristina Lisica, Dora Župan
Main rigger: Ivan Jurković
Assistnt riggers: Milan Terman, Armando Bakarić 
Light technician: Saša Bogojević
Audio production: Predrag Ćosić  
Camera: Čejen Černić
Costume design: Mihaela Gregov  
Hairstyling: Sabina Miočić Petko

Photograhy: Marko Dimić
Graphic design: Tomo Gavranović 
Sales coordinator: Josipa Lončar
Production assistants: Armando Bakarić, Marija Vuksan
Organization and production: Marija Šćekić – Histeria Nova, 2019.
The project is created within Histeria Nova School of Natural Movement and Dance programme in Zadar.  
Funded by The City of Zagreb – “Programme colaboration with KUC Travno”
Partners / Sponzors: Digital Media Lab-Zadar, Horizont d.o.o- Zadar, Blue Dog-Zagreb, Ella Ella Sportswear, Mali Frizeraj -Zadar, Kolor Klinika-Zagreb  
regular: 50kn 
students and retired: 40kn
Mob: 091 254 7539 (Josipa Lončar) or info@histerianova.com

15 Feb 2019

La Troupe del Aire

Espectáculo Verticalmente

Compañía La Troupe del Aire

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Paula Dagrón

Directora General
  • Pellegrini 134 Bis. (Planta Alta)
  • 2900 San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Flyaway Productions

Thank you for your support of Flyaway Productions!
Flyaway Productions, in partnership with
Essie Justice Group, presents:

A performance installation that exposes the physical, psychic, and emotional burden of prison for women with incarcerated loved ones.
April 19th - 27th, 2019

Fri. 4/19, 8pm
Sat. 4/20, 2pm & 8pm
Wed. 4/24, 8pm
Thu. 4/25, 8pm
Fri. 4/26, 8pm
Sat. 4/27, 2pm & 8pm

Downtown San Francisco | 1125 Market Street

Choreographer & Director: Jo Kreiter
Dancers: Bianca Cabrera, Clarissa Dyas, Laura Elaine Ellis, Sonsherée Giles, MaryStarr Hope, Megan Lowe
Composer: Pamela Z
Set Designer: Sean Riley
Lighting Designer: Jack Beuttler
Costume Designer: Jamielyn Duggan
Press Release
Flyaway is offering a unique opportunity to improvise/create on the set designed for THE WAIT ROOM.
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GIRLFLY Applications are Now Available!

GIRLFLY brings together a diverse group of hardworking young women, ages 14-19, from July 1-27, 2019 to Earn $500 and:
  • Gain experience in site-specific dance and create original dances 
  • Learn about girls’ empowerment and social justice
  • Carry out a Writing as Activism project in the community
Applications Due April 27, 2019.
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Seeking a Paid Summer Intern for GIRLFLY!

Flyaway wants to work with a college age dance artist who is interested in the intersection of performance and community. Support the young women of GIRLFLY from July 1-27, 2019, earn $1000 and gain administrative, artistic, and interpersonal experience.
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Photos by: 1) RJ Muna | Dancers: Clarissa Dyas & Bianca Cabrera; 2) RJ Muna | Dancer: Megan Lowe; 3) Brechin Flournoy | Dancers: GIRLFLY
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