22 Sep 2020

Aeriosa Dance Society


Dancing Through The Seasons

Greetings from my home within the traditional territory of the Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ (which means “People of the safe harbour” in the local nuučaan̓uɫ language).

I hope you are healthy and finding your way through the uncertainties of our time. We are confronting many so daunting realities; and the end of summer and start of autumn feels really different this year. Despite everything, daily life goes on and we continue adapting.

I anticipated being less busy as a result of the pandemic, but in fact behind the scenes, exciting opportunities and projects keep bubbling along.

In a way I am experiencing this time as a waking dream. Some things keep morphing and shifting out of reach. People and ideas disappear, then reappear, and suddenly I am swept into a new creative confluence. Sometimes I am a frozen witness unable to act; other times, I’m completely in my flow dancing with abandon and fully alive.

My dance work is helping me get through these days and for this I am grateful. I hope you are also able to engage creatively, immersed in your own projects and following artists who inspire you.

Wishing you well,
Julia Taffe, Artistic Director, Aeriosa


Aeriosa Re-brands
An Aeriosa rebranding opportunity came quite spontaneously in early July upon meeting Fredy Mendoza. Fredy is a Vancouver-based Colombian production designer, art director and graphic designer who was introduced to Aeriosa by board member, Catherine Green. 
As Aeriosa is an established company with a recognizable logo, Fredy suggested not dramatically altering the current logo, but rather using it as a base and shifting colours and lines to give it a fresh vibrant edge. Fredy presented these designs as a starting point.
It took time to uncover and articulate what we felt the logo needed to communicate. Fredy and additional talented Aeriosa team members played with various iterations, colours and orientations of the figures. 

The words  Aeriosa offered Fredy were: community, collaboration, adrenaline, elegance, sport, art, environment, building, trees, mountains.
The consensus was that two figures seemed to portray partnership and interaction and versions with 3 or 4 figures looked too busy.  Solely having one figure didn't manage to communicate connection. The lines and curves were softened for the right combination of geometry and dance flow.

The creation of the Aeriosa logo was truly a collaboration! The flow of ideas and designs between Fredy and the Aeriosa board, dancers and trusted friends since early July has been an exciting and interesting journey. Thank-you Fredy and others for your artistic contributions! Also....stay tuned for Aeriosa's new website reveal coming soon! 

Find out more about Fredy at: www.fredymendoza.com
Looking Back

In the fall of 2019, Julia Taffe and visual artist Sarah E. Fuller, began collaborative research in Ucluelet and Squamish on a project called Habitats & Camouflage. The two planned to co-produce a vertical dance performance and video in time for the Tofino Tree Festival but their creation process (and the festival) was delayed due to Covid. The project will resume in spring 2021 with new presentation dates TBA. Julia Taffe and Sarah E. Fuller are both rock-climbers who take joy in illuminating nature within their work. The focus of their current collaboration is an intriguing one….Moths!  Readmore

Photographer Tim Matheson
Inspiration In The Arts

Mike Dangeli, Nisga'a Artist

Mike Dangeli's art includes masks, drums, regalia, paintings, and limited edition silk-screened prints. His work is often commissioned for galleries and ceremonial pieces for his community.

He just finished carving a memorial totem pole honouring Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, that will stand on Highway 16 in Northern BC.

To date, Mike has completed twenty totem poles and a thirty-foot ocean going canoe. 

Mike Dangeli Facebook

Photo from Mike Dangeli Nisga'a Artist's post in facebook.

Mike Dengali is also co-leader of The Git Hayetsk Dancers with his spouse Mique'l Dangeli and they have been amazing artistic collaborators with Aeriosa and Spakwus Slulem over the years.

Git Hayetsk

Photo of Julia Taffe and Mike Dengali onstage in 2017 at the Scotiabank Dance Centre
Special Connections

Keely Sills

What is your connection to Aeriosa?
I have been floating, swaying and dancing with Aeriosa since 2009! I have been given the opportunity to be creative in many facets within the company. I have worked with the Aeriosa rigging team on a variety of projects, instruct workshops and have co-directed two shows: Interconnected Species and Majestic Peaks with Julia Carr.  I also write Aeriosa’s newsletters and promotional material.
What is the most interesting piece of art you've seen / experienced? 
The Goblin Market, a show produced by New Zealand Company, The Dust Palace. It was visceral, thrilling, dark and the aerial acrobats were intoxicating.
That show stayed in my head for weeks.

What is one special thing about the place in which you grew up?
I grew up in North Delta. I have happy memories of many games of kick the can involving all the neighbourhood kids in our cul-de-sac! My husband and I now live in Powell River, BC.

What is the last book you read?
Where the Shadows Lie, by Michael Ridpath. A mix of crime and folklore based in Iceland. I read this book aloud to my husband as evening entertainment on our last sailing trip. 

What is your most recent outdoor adventure?
Over spring break, which was the beginning of the lockdown, we sailed for 3 weeks throughout Desolation sound, the Discovery Islands and up to Cape Caution - on the coast north of Vancouver Island. Fabulous scenery!
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14 Sep 2020

Zaccho Dance Theatre


Photo by Andy Mogg
A message of Black Joy

This past July I was honored to be a teaching fellow at the Center for Art, Design and Social Research, a site for experiments in the arts, technology, and research methodologies. The Center convenes people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to share knowledge addressing urgent issues in global societies. Knowledge is cooperatively generated and openly shared through workshops, residencies, exhibitions, publications, seminars, and collaborative research projects. The session I was a part of was focused on Black Planetary Futures and featured some of the most extraordinary artists and scholars, including Neo Sinoxolo Musangi and Esther Nangobi Mirembe. For one of my presentations, I created a video inspired by the idea of Black Joy, something I feel is important to recognize and hold on to as we move through this dark time into the brighter future we are now shaping. It is a collection of stories, images and dances that have moved me to celebrate our greatness and our joy. Zaccho Dance Theatre is featured, with Frankie Lee III performing his moving and poignant solo from Between me and the other world, along with Clarissa Dyas, Lydia Clinton and Erik Lee. 

Joanna Haigood
Haigood Presentation for CAD+SR
Veronica Blair in the SF Aerial Arts Festival 2018; 
photo by Austin Forbord
Zaccho is Hiring!

We are currently accepting applications for a part-time (average 10 hours/week) contract Grant Writer, hourly rate depending on experience. Preference given to applicants with demonstrated work experience with social justice and dance and/or performing arts nonprofits. People of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

With support provided by the Zaccho Artistic Director and Managing Director, the Grant Writer’s primary responsibility is writing grant applications and funder reports to raise Zaccho’s annual budget from government, foundations, corporations, and other sources. This position reports to the Artistic Director and works offsite.
Zaccho dancers 
Erik Lee and Clarissa Dyas
Zaccho joins San Francisco Trolley Dances Online

Epiphany Dance Theater is moving the 17th annual San Francisco Trolley Dances from the street to the screen! 

Site-specific performances by 13th Floor, Arenas Dance Company, Epiphany Dance Theater, Fog Beast, Post:Ballet and Zaccho Dance Theatre Online will be filmed on location at sites throughout the Dogpatch and Bayview Hunters Point District. Screenings will then take place at 11 a.m., Saturday and Sunday, October 17th to 18th. Each "tour" is FREE and will run approximately 75 minutes.

Flyaway Productions


Thank you for your support of Flyaway Productions!
We gather 4 days a week. We gather in 2 ‘s and 3’s. Never more. We are masked. Even for a drink of water, we leave the room to take the mask off and sip. It’s a different kind of ritual, creating during a pandemic. It’s not possible to dwell in the creative empathy that frames the best days of rehearsal. You can’t look up and across the space to a dancer on a wall doing something profound, then go back to your own making. This isn’t happening right now. We are gathered in the studio and we are still in isolation. As company dancers and a choreographic director, we are not really soloists. We don't like to create alone. But the safety demands of Covid protocols make aloneness necessary.

Still. We are thrilled to have somewhere to go every day where we can invert, invent, conjure.  Where the structure of a day includes  making something unpredictable happen. Where there are at least a couple of dancers to weave movement and meaning together within a conceptual frame. Where we laugh, bang our shins, cuss, talk things over, trick gravity, and try to repeat the crazy thing we just made happen a minute ago.

We dance while the NBA cancels its games in protest. We dance while our collaborator at San Quentin Prison gets sick with Covid, then gets better. We dance as police shoot a Black man 7 times and a 17-year-old White nationalist commits a public execution via machine gun. We dance in preparation for when we can perform in public again. We dance as radical empathy. We dance to broaden the path toward justice, as Black rebellion calls us in.
Clarissa Dyas and Laura Elaine Ellis in Rehearsal for Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercy.

MoAD and Prison Renaissance, in Partnership with Flyaway, are bringing you

Finding Mercy: Black & Jewish Voices Against Mass Incarceration

October 1, 2020
5:30 PM – 7 PM

This event takes place as an online panel discussion and a virtual art show, featuring new work by 13 visual artists currently working from their cells at San Quentin Prison.
Info and Tickets Here
Credits: 1) Photo by RJ Muna of Maddy Lawder - 2020; 2) Video by Megan Lowe of Clarissa Dyas & Laura Elaine Ellis - 2020; 3) Art by O. Smith
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For more information please visit: