Over the past years I began a systematic research to collect a large number of contacts and addresses of vertical dance companies around the world, I identified a total of about 53 Companies with stable employment projects and continuous professional visibility.

In the summer 2010 I published this website and started writing, hoping to have feedback from all.

The purpose is to invite the artist to become part of a vertical dance network, groundbreaking project documenting the exceptional evolution of the vertical dance.

The objective are twofold: 

- to trace a pathway of this unique art form by building it now, at this incredible moment of invention and as an important undertaking for present and future generations.
- to create a collection of data and knowledge for artists and professionals.

We’re looking for company, choreographers and practitioners of all kinds of vertical dance language (in the theatre, buildings, urban architectures, nature, mountains, trees, air, etc.)that reveal their first-hand personal experience, process, passion and performance. 

We're waiting news from companies all over the world, write us!

Could you spend some moments to partecipate in my survey? 
Thank you very much! 
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Wanda Moretti,
Artistic Director
Il Posto Vertical Dance Company
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